Thomas Gad to work on UFU’s brand

24 December 2010 (09:30)

Ural Federal University is now busy elaborating its basic brand concept in cooperation with OOO Brandflight and Thomas Gad.

‘Thomas Gad is an outstanding, world-known brand design and development expert. He is the man behind the contemporary non-academic thinking framework based on the globally recognized four-dimensional branding philosophy. The 4D branding has a thousand uses outside the marketing field, for example, in any other components of business development. For one, the famous line, Nokia — Connecting People, took root in his mind. Thomas Gad has also done things for Volvo, Ikea, and Procter & Gamble,’ the university reports.

‘I haven’t worked with Russia’s educational establishments yet. This is a totally new experience for me, and I’ll do my best to make sure you can be proud of the brand we’ll come up with,’ Gad says.

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