MMK Launches New Brand

December 24, 2012. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) recently presented its renewed brand concept that covers all the production, mining, maintenance, sales, financial, administration, and social welfare-focused divisions of the Group. The new brand was launched in the year of MMK’s 50th anniversary.

The MMK trademark registered in 1962 is currently Russia’s only logo that still looks exactly the same as it did in the Soviet era. MMK Group’s brand currently has an 18% share of the domestic metal goods market and is one of the world’s leading metallurgical companies.

‘MMK Group is a conglomerate of enterprises united by a single system of management and control. These enterprises’ activity is targeted at reaching a common strategic goal that we see as staying and growing more competitive through sustainable development. The new communications system is meant to translate to both Russian and foreign markets the MMK brand’s primary characteristics: trendiness, charisma, strength, and global nature, and to emphasize our company values such as quality, continuity of tradition, and corporate social responsibility,’ MMK BOD Chairman, MMK Management Company President Viktor Rashnikov says on the launch of the Group’s new brand.

‘The MMK brand has great value that consists in the good reputation it has built and the trust it has among the metal goods consumers. What is more, this brand has a strategically important impact on the increase in MMK Group’s produce’s added value. The new visual communications concept is expected to become one of the key factors in our brand’s interaction with the numerous customers and partners both in Russia and abroad,’ the company reports.

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