Andrei Gavrilovsky: skyscraper brings me no money

‘I haven’t made any profit from Vysotsky,’ a Yekaterinburg-based entrepreneur Andrei Gavrilovsky told the Delovoy Kvartal magazine.

The opening of the skyscraper in question has been postponed at least three times; the latest deadline has been set for the middle of the year 2011.

‘In fact, I have only been spending money so far. All the money I get from selling the office space is directed into the construction. Then, my entire business is now focused on this project. I deal in a number of activities, in fact: Antey Business Center is making good money through rent at the moment, then I also have a furniture store and deal in housing construction. And all the profits I make, every single ruble, all this gets spent on Vysotsky,’ the businessman said.

‘I was originally planning to keep 49% of the available space to myself. However, I was faced with some financial hardships, so I’ll have to sell more. I’m not even sure now just how much I will be able to keep. 20% perhaps or even less that that,’ Gavrilovsky said to the magazine.

The businessman also explained that over eighty proprietors will come to own Vysotsky Business Center in the end.

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