VympelCom to check service quality

15 November 2010 (15:47)

OAO VympelCom insists that no violations of the contract occurred when their customer lawyer Ivan Kadochnikov was provided with Internet access.

‘Our company always sticks with the terms of the company-customer agreements. If Mr. Kadochnikov pays for the speed of 25 Mb per second, he will be provided with Internet connection at exactly this speed. His complaint will be considered by VympelCom as soon as possible. We intend to check the speed of Internet connection at his computer, and, if the actual speed turns out to be different from that stated in the contract, VympelCom will make sure the problem is eliminated.

We will inform the public and the media of the results of the investigation,’ says OAO VympelCom Yekaterinburg branch’s PR expert Platon Mamatov.

Now Ivan Kadochnikov claimed that the company failed to provide him with the Internet connection that had been promised to him. In fact, the actual connection speed was much lower than the one promised, so the lawyer asked his provider to produce the data on the speed of his Internet connection.

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