Governor Yurevitch calls for region’s new image

Chelyabinsk Region Ministry for Economic Development and the Governor Administration are going to work on changing the region’s image both country-wide and on the international arena.

Following a staff meeting, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch explained the challenge:

‘This region is often associated with the accident at Mayak Corporation and nuclear waste. The thing is, the accident occurred many years ago, and all its impact has been localized long since. The amount of pollutants the enterprises based in the South Urals are now discharging and dumping is ten times less than what it was during the Soviet era. I am speaking of towns like Karabash, Kyshtym, Magnitogorsk, and Zlatoust. It’s true that we still have some ‘hot spots’ like Chelyabinsk, but the production facilities are getting upgraded here as well. For one, an open-hearth furnace unit will soon be closed down in Leninskiy district because Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant put up a new facility in Sverdlovsk Region,’ the Governor said.

Mikhail Yurevitch added that the region could also boast many hi-tech enterprises that met all the environmental standards.

‘Our situation is actually better than that in many other countries, so we must get a new image to attract investors,’ he noted.

Yurevitch pointed out that Chelyabinsk Region’s new image should present a truthful picture:

‘Like any other metropolis, our capital city does suffer from some environmental problems. However, the outskirts of Chelyabinsk are absolutely clean; we also have plenty of pure lakes and magnificent resorts in the mining areas,’ the Governor observed.

According to the executive, the region can take pride in its highly developed and diverse industrial sector that comprises metallurgical engineering, machine-building, the nuclear industry, farming, and food manufacturing. The region also hosts a lot of scientific research institutes and has high-skilled workers capable of doing every kind of work.

‘All this is what really characterizes Chelyabinsk Region,’ the Governor was referred to as saying by his press service.

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