Chelyabinsk Region gets industrial land allotment list

28 June 2010 (09:12)

Following Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch’s request, the Ministry for Economic Development prepared a list of land allotments that could serve as new industrial sites, the Governor told the reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The list is created in order to make sure the regional authorities can always present their available territories to the potential investors. It also contains information on all the infrastructure items like roads, oil and gas pipelines, and power resources. The catalogue-style register is now available in Russian and English and will later be translated into the languages spoken in the countries Chelyabinsk Region is holding negotiations with.

‘The data presented will be updated on a regular basis as new sites and capacities come up,’ Mikhail Yurevitch observed.

The Governor also informed the reporters that the region was going to host a group of Italian officials in July, with a return visit in September, should the parties come to a preliminary cooperation agreement. It is not improbable that the Governor himself will chair the region’s delegation.

‘All the businesspeople who are interested in developing the new territories want to meet the representative of authority in person. This is essential to business,’ he explained.

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