FAS looks into Koltsovo Airport’s filling stations

4 August 2010 (09:14)

A session of Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding the earlier postponed case No.45 was held in Yekaterinburg today. The case involves OAO Koltsovo Airport; the company is suspected of violating Article 10 (part 1) of the Competition Protection Law by refusing to store the airlines' jet fuel in its Yekaterinburg-based filling terminals for no good economic or technological reason. However, the demand for such a service is high. In addition, the airport appears to have no economic or technological grounds to back out of agreements with TZK Ural. Now such an agreement might actually result in the establishment of an alternative filling station at Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg. Finally, the airport is accused of creating obstacles for TZK Ural in its attempts to enter the airport’s jet fuel market.

The investigation of the case is to go on.

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