Inquest on jet fuel resumes in Yekaterinburg

The Russian Federation Federal Antimonopoly Service’s Sverdlovsk Region division is to hold a hearing of the recently resumed case No.45 on June 23, 2010. The case involves Yekaterinburg-based Koltsovo Airport: the company is accused of violating Article 10 (part 1) of the Competition Protection Act. The offense presumably consisted in that the airport cut back on rendering the airlines the service of storing jet fuel in its facilities with no good economic or technological reason and despite the existing demand for such a service. Also, the airport appears to have no economic or technological grounds to refuse or avoid an agreement with OOO TZK Ural that could result in the emergence of another filling station on the airport’s premises. Finally, Koltsovo Airport is suspected of creating obstacles for OOO TZK Ural in the latter’s attempts to enter the market and sell jet fuel in the airport.

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