FAS looks into gym chain’s unlawful ads

28 July 2010 (10:14)

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service is going to resume the investigation of the case involving Limerence shopping center and Extreme Fitness Athletics gym chain.

The case No. 39 involves OOO Krona and Limerence’s management, who are charged with violating Article 18 (part 1) of the Advertising Act. The offense allegedly consisted in the companies sending out text messages with ads to mobile phone users who hadn’t previously agreed to this.

The complaint was initially placed by a local citizen. The committee which started considering the case decided to put the hearing off in order to find and hear the company which was immediately responsible for sending out text messages.

In fact, a similar case involving L’Etoile cosmetics chain store has already been handled by FAS before. The cosmetics store’s ads were then declared unlawful.

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