Svyaznoy Ural to compensate corporate fraud victims

OAO Svyaznoy Ural has promised to compensate the damage done to the company’s customers by a dishonest employee.

‘The employees’ unlawful actions get tracked by our security service and the control departments of our partner companies. Our customers will receive their compensation,’ Svyaznoy Ural informed UrBC.

Meanwhile, Yekaterinburg’s Leninskiy district court’s ruling regarding the corporate fraud within Svyaznoy came into effect. The lawsuit involved charges of fraud related to loan-giving practices of one of the mobile service chain store’s employees.

The court determined that the company’s Financial Services Manager had been illegally issuing loans to private individuals in December 2009-January 2010. The said individuals ‘bought’ radio aids and the manager kept the money to herself.

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