Omega Spirits Group is multiple offender, watchdog says

21 July 2010 (09:14)

The head of Ural Federal District’s division of the Federal Strong Drinks Market Regulating Service Dmitriy Lebedev declared OOO Omega Spirits Group had committed numerous offenses in the past.

‘The company now owes millions and cannot pay its creditors back. It’s easy to say that the cause of its insolvency is the ban our Service imposed on the group’s license. This ban is, in fact, quite a story. All of this company’s problems are rooted in its way of doing business,’ Lebedev announced at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

‘OOO Omega Spirits Group turned to be a multiple offender, and now came the time to pay for it,’ he added.

Now Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court sustained Omega Spirits Group’s (member of Omega Group Holding controlled by Oleg Fleganov) bankruptcy application. The court insisted that the company undergo six-month bankruptcy proceedings. To support its insolvency claims, Omega Spirits Group explained it couldn’t pay all of its creditors the 2.09 billion RUR it owed them because these liabilities exceeded the value of Omega Spirits Group’s assets.

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