Sberbank fails to make Omega pay

2 September 2010 (09:24)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court partially sustained the claim laid by Sberbank of Russia against Omega Group. The hearing regarding 800 million RUR the group owes the bank took place the day before.

The defendants involved in the claim are several dozen wholesale and retail companies of the well-known strong drinks holding: OOO Omega Opt Trading, OOO Omega Spirits Group, OOO Agroplodimport, OOO Agrofirma Avgust, OOO Bogatyr Trading Firm, OOO RossAlliance, OOO Resta Management, OOO James, OOO Avtorskiye Restorany, Magnum strong drinks chain, and some others.

Some of the defendants are trying to apply for bankruptcy; Omega Spirits Group, for one, has already succeeded in doing so, which means Sberbank has fewer and fewer chances to make the debtors pay the sum in question.

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