Kirill Shlayen Owes Creditors Over 769m RUR

27 February 2012 (09:19)

Sberbank of Russia wants its claims to a sole trader named Kirill Shlayen to be accounted for on the creditors’ list. The claim to this effect has been placed by the bank with Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court.

It was declared on December 22, 2011 that Shlayen would have to undergo bankruptcy proceedings. Vadim Permikin was chosen as the trustee in bankruptcy for the case. At the moment, the sole traders owes his creditors 769.37m RUR.

The hearing of Sberbank’s claim has been set for March 20, 2012.

Kirill Shlayen ran the companies Resta Management and Omega Spirits Group in Oleg Fleganov’s Omega Holding; in fact, Oleg Fleganov is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings at the moment as well.

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