Governor Yurevitch to support innovations

28 June 2010 (09:12)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch encouraged the local inventors to cooperate with the region’s technological park and promised to help them get their innovations patented, the Governor’s press officer reports.

Meanwhile, a group of Chelyabinsk Region delegates, headed by Minister for Industry and Natural Resources Valeriy Prudskiy, visited Israel last week and therefore had a chance to look into the country’s rich experience in making scientific advances commercially viable. Upon their return, the delegates presented their report to Mikhail Yurevitch, who said Chelyabinsk Region’s technological park needed the same system so that the local scientists could be assisted in patenting and promoting their products locally and globally.

‘I’d like to say to our scientists: if you have created an invention, please take all the papers to our technological park. We intend to set up a new innovations support system,’ the Governor said.

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