Customers owe heat supplier 4bn

27 May 2010 (09:23)

‘The outcome of the last heating season is not quite rosy. Customers owe 4 billion RUR to Sverdlovsk Heating Supply Company, of which 1 billion RUR constitutes current debts and 3 billion RUR constitute overdue debt,’ the company’s Executive Director Sergey Yefimov said to UrBC reporters.

‘Our key debtors are the municipalities of Pervouralsk, Krasnoturyinsk, Nizhnyaya Tura, and Kachkanar. As for Pervouralsk, Anatoly Gredin has already set up an ad hoc committee to sort out the town’s problems, and now we are looking into the ways of dealing with them. All in all, such a large debt emerged due to the management companies’ dishonest actions. As for Yekaterinburg, the worst-paying organizations are Kirovskiy and Aurora condominiums, with 2.4 million RUR and 1.7 million RUR worth of debts, respectively,’ he added.

‘Now Sverdlovsk Heating Supply Company expects to spend 100 million RUR on repairs and preparations for the new heating season this year, of which 70 million RUR will be spent in Yekaterinburg. Also, we’ll direct 585 million RUR to network upgrade under our investment program; 547 million RUR out of this sum will be spent in Yekaterinburg,’ reports the company’s chief engineer Andrei Shmelkov.

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