IES Multiutilities still gets no money from Kamensk Communal Company

25 September 2007 (11:08)

‘Kamensk Communal Company still has not started paying its multi-million-ruble heating bill,’ IES Multiutilities’ PR Director Elena Ilyina said to UrBC.

‘These circumstances notwithstanding, the heating season did start in the town of Kamensk Uralskiy last Friday. Some districts haven’t got the heating yet, though; these are the old town and Leninskiy district. Kamensk Communal Company still has not produced any documents that could prove that the heating facilities used in these parts of the town are actually ready to be used,’ Ms Ilyina added.

Overall, IES Multiutilities’ debtors owe the company a total of 120.2 million RUR, with the lion’s share of debt resting with Kamensk Communal Company.

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