IES Multiutilities Ltd. admits customers’ unpaid bills hinder heating season preparations

IES Multiutilities were faced with a number of problems when trying to get ready for the upcoming heating season.

‘Even though the boiling facilities and the heat networks are being repaired, the equipment used within buildings is almost becoming outright dangerous to use; to make matters worse, a lot of our customers haven’t been paying their bills. These are, for instance, a management company ZHET 3 and PervouralskRemService of Pervouralsk (their debts amount to over 10 million RUR). As regards Mikhailovsk, the town’s total debt comes to 8 million RUR (with 5 million RUR owed by individuals rather than businesses),’ the company’s press officer reports.

These data were presented at a company meeting attended by Member of Sverdlovsk Region Government Alexei Shabarov. Mr. Shabarov observed the repairs were falling behind the schedule and suggested compiling another one for the rest of the jobs that had to be done and keeping him promptly informed on the possible lags.

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