Chelyabinsk Region to fiancé social welfare projects

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch decided to allocate some budget subsidies to a number of social welfare construction projects in the region, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.
First of all, some money will be directed to the buildings that can be finished and commissioned before the end of this year.

As far as the city of Chelyabinsk is concerned, the budget will finance the completion of the positron emission tomography center and the acquisition of the medical equipment for it (which will cost 43 million RUR) as well as the completion of children’s clinical hospital No 8 in the city’s Metallurgical district (which will cost 50 million RUR).

Throughout the region, the money will be used to finish an eighty-apartment housing block meant for the relocation of Karabash dwellers from slums, a therapy wing of Uvelskoye settlement’s central hospital (37 million RUR), the positron emission tomography center for Magnitogorsk’s cancer dispensary No 2 (105 million RUR), a warehouse with a boiler, launderette, and a swimming pool for Kusinskiy orphanage for children with disabilities (31 million RUR). In addition, the region is going to finance the reconstruction of Chelyabinsk clinical hospital’s building and of Magnitogorsk’s municipal hospital No. 1.

Later on, the region’s government expects to finance some more long-term projects like a number of health facilities in Kus, Kyshtym, and Satka. Also, the Governor decided to allocate 320 million RUR to the Chelyabinsk underground so that the company could pay off its April debts and assemble the iron and concrete finishing structures.

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