MMK presents coated steel

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) took part in the 5th international conference on zinc-coated and painted steel in Moscow Region.

Over 130 participants from eighty Russian enterprises attended the event. The conference was devoted to production, processing, and use of coated steels in the construction industry as well as others. Most importantly, the attendees spoke about the current state and the development trends of the Russian and global coated steel market in 2010, the launch of the new steel-coating facilities on the home market, and the need to protect the domestic market as well.

MMK’s Head of R&D lab Andrei Gorbunov made a report on the enterprise’s new achievements in the field of zinc-coated and painted steel with protective and decorative coatings. He explained the achievements were made possible due to the launch of the second polymeric coatings unit at MMK last year.

Gorbunov said the unit with the capacity of 200,000 tons of produce a year is meant for the production of polymer-coated flat stock that meets the highest modern standards. This unit can produce two types of coatings mainly employed in the construction industry and white goods manufacturing. These decorative coatings ensure good surface protection and can be easily textured so as to meet the customer’s needs. Also, the unit produces protective coatings that prevent the surface from any mechanical strain during transportation, assembling, and processing operations like bending, forming, cutting, and so on). Hot-press application machinery is used to create the decorative coatings and cold-pressing is used to create the sticky, transparent protective coatings. All in all, the launch of the new unit widened MMK’s rolled products options rather impressively.

On the second day of the conference, all the participants took a tour of MMK-Profile-Moscow’s maintenance center in Shchelkovo, Moscow Region. This enterprise is a member of MMK Group dealing in wholesale trade in Central and Western Russia. The company offers its customers all of MMK’s metal products.

‘Apart from sales, MMK-Profile-Moscow deals in processing of coated metals. The workers use the machinery supplied by the globally famous manufacturers to make competitive and popular metal goods,’ MMK PR Department says.

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