Local school canteens offer food that is no longer good, claims Rospotrebnadzor

2 April 2007 (10:26)

The investigation conducted by Yekaterinburg division of Rospotrebnadzor (the state consumer rights watchdog) revealed some grave sanitary violations in the way the food was made and served in the school canteens. The most common violations include not storing the foods properly, offering food that is no longer fresh (31%), negligent cleaning of dishes and utensils (29%), and deviations from the two-week menu and assortment of foods recommended by Rospotrebnadzor.

Lab tests showed that 1.8% of dishes were not safe enough to eat.

Rospotrebnadzor imposed 81 fines worth 47,700 RUR on the schools administrations in September 2006-January 2007, reports the spokesperson for Yekaterinburg division of Rospotrebnadzor.

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