MMK launches rebar

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) recently started producing a new hot-rolled rebar with the diameter of 40 mm using its Mill 370.

MMK PR Department reports the first batches of the new rebar will be used for the construction of the company’s plate mill shop 11. The shop is expected to house cold-roll Mill 2000 meant for the production of high quality automobile body sheets. This means the enterprise actually manages to use its own resources for the implementation of investment projects, which naturally results in cost savings.

‘Ever since the mill was launched in 2005, we have been trying to improve the existing kinds of produce and launch some new ones. For one, we have fully mastered the production of thermally fortified Ŕ400Ń and Ŕ500Ń rebar kinds up to No.32 as well as the production of hot-rolled Ŕ-III (Ŕ400) rebar kinds No.10 to No. 40. We also hope to start producing even more durable kinds of rebar in the near future. MMK’s bar iron lab has just developed a new way of making fittings No.12-16 with At800 strength index. Then, we keep trying to launch new kinds of structural iron and steel. For example, we have recently carried out pilot launches of strip plates made from 40X steel for the bridge-building industry, of round steel bars with enhanced cutting performance made from A12 steel, and of square bars made from 40Ń2Ŕ steel and meant for the railway industry,’ the company’s PR Department says.

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