Governor Sumin calls for flu-fighting plan

9 November 2009 (09:56)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin asked his officials to develop a set of additional measures that could help fight the flu generated by A/H1N1/ virus.

Deputy Governor Evgeniy Redin reported at a recent meeting that two more people had died of this flu type over the weekend. A young man and a pregnant woman died of some viral pneumonia in Chelyabinsk and Nyazepetrovskiy district, respectively. All in all, four regional dwellers have been killed by the virus so far. Redin said this was not more than the seasonal flu mortality rate. Nevertheless, nine regional municipalities and four municipal districts keep sticking to quarantine policies, have longer school holidays, and launch more preventive measures among the locals. Also, Chelyabinsk municipal clinic is to set up a special department for treatment of pregnant women affected by flu.

Petr Sumin required that additional medication be bought for clinics and stressed the importance of prompt aid from the physicians, as well as the need for stricter quarantine policies, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

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