Governor Sumin calls for action plan

16 November 2009 (07:54)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin gave his deputies and ministries a month to draw up a multi-faceted action plan aimed at implementing the President of Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev’s Address to the Federal Assembly. The project is to be supervised by First Deputy Governor Andrei Kosilov. Following Petr Sumin’s request, every deputy governor and regional minister will have to come up with a list of specific measures that have to be taken within the region. An accumulated report will be presented to the Governor and the region’s Government in December.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, the region always creates an action plan to follow up on the President’s annual addresses; this year’s address, however, differs significantly from the earlier ones in terms of scale and difficulty of the tasks, the Governor feels. This is why Sumin asked not only for the action plan but also for a project on the development of the town with only one big enterprise. This particular project is to be implemented by Deputy Governor Yuri Klepov. Sumin said the project was to be designed promptly and had to be presented to the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development. The ministry actually intends to give financial aid to a number of pilot projects targeted at helping such towns. To get the financing, the project has to win the ministry’s tender.

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