Malakhit sells three restaurants

‘Gradara, Grand-Buffet, and Beer Baron restaurants that used to belong to Malakhit Union will definitely not operate any longer. The premises formerly occupied by these eateries have already been handed over to a new proprietor,’ Malakhit Union’s Marketing and Advertising Director Olga Apalkova said to UrBC reporter.

‘As a matter of fact, we have reached an agreement with a customer who is willing to buy these premises, but we are not prepared to declare the name of their new owner yet. We are currently busy signing all the necessary documentation. One thing is certain, all the logos and trademarks of these restaurants are Malakhit’s property, so the new establishments will definitely not be using them in any way,’ she added.

Malakhit catering chain applied for bankruptcy early in April 2009 because it was unable to meet its creditors’ pending claims. On May 8, 2009, arbitration court ruled that the company should undergo bankruptcy proceedings. In fact, Malakhit then hoped to find a way out through selling some its units, including Gradara, Grand-Bufet, and Beer Baron restaurants and Divan night club.

‘The sale is expected to give the company more money that will keep the other establishments (including fast food cafes) going,’ the chain said at the time.

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