Selling some restaurants to save rest of business, Malakhit Company says

17 February 2009 (09:09)

Malakhit Company made the decision to sell a set of restaurants located at 36 Malyshev St. in Yekaterinburg, the company’s press officer said to an UrBC reporter. The set comprises three places: Gradara, Pivnoy Bar’on, and Grand Buffet restaurants and Divan, the night club.

‘This measure is expected to give us some additional resources that will allow the company to keep the rest of the business, including a fast food chain that we run,’ Malakhit’s press officer explained.

‘The economic downfall that started in August 2008 made the lion’s share of our generally loyal customers give up on eating out. The restaurants that suffered most are the so-called author ones where the average bill totals to over 1,000 RUR. The number of their guests plummeted dramatically, which couldn’t help affecting the revenues at once,’ the press officer added.

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