Uralkhimmash guilty of environmental offenses

Sverdlovsk Region environmental prosecution authorities detected numerous violations of the existing laws at Uralkhimmash, their spokesperson reports.

For one, the enterprise whose production process involves sixty-one different kinds of by-products and waste has no certificates listing the hazard class of these wastes and carries no passports or documentation for sixteen kinds of hazardous pollutants. What is more, the workers handling this hazardous waste have not received any professional, documented training.

Then, Uralkhimmash is supposed to maintain a 100-meter protective zone in Khibinogorskiy Lane in Yekaterinburg, but the plant actually hasn’t got even the confirmed project for it.

Finally, the plant emitting fifteen kinds of atmospheric pollutants does not have a permission to do so.

Sverdlovsk Region environmental prosecutor ordered Uralkhimmash CEO to eliminate the problems and placed a demand for a protective zone development with the court. Moreover, the plant as a legal entity will have to go through four administrative lawsuits.

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