Rostechnadzor finds 17 violations at ceramic goods plant

20 June 2008 (09:12)

Ural Federal District’s division of Rostechnadzor inspected the local ceramic goods plant for its compliance with the environmental legislation and revealed seventeen violations as a result. This includes management of hazardous waste and environmental decision-making performed by people without the necessary qualifications.

Then, some unauthorized ceramic waste dumps (scrap tiles and the like) and bits of construction waste were illegally located on the company’s premises.

To make matters worse, the plant deals in industrial and consumption waste treatment without proper licenses allowing it to collect, use, deactivate, transfer, and store hazardous waste.

Finally, the enterprise exceeded its maximum permissible discharge limit for atmospheric emissions by 10.3 times. Besides, the plant does not have any documents as to the waste production and storage limit, hazardous waste certificates are also missing, the spokesperson for Ural Federal District’s division of Rostechnadzor reports.

The inspection resulted in eighteen violation-eliminating orders given to the plant.

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