MMK repairs wire mill

26 August 2009 (07:39)

Wire mill 170 was recently repaired at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK). The seven-day repairs were carried out in accordance with the enterprise’s schedule, and MMK Group’s Mechanical Repairs Center, Metallurgspetsstroyremont, Magnitogorsk Maintenance Center, and Electroremont acted as the project’s contractors.

The repairs included replacing the mill’s inner lining with some new substitutes and checking, repairing, and replacing the mill’s mechanical parts. Now the wire mill 170 has been launched, all of MMK shop’s three units became fully functional, MMK PR Department reports.

Wire mill 170 was originally launched in 2006 and is now capable of producing up to 765,000 tons of goods a year. The mill is meant for manufacturing wire rods with the diameter of 6mm to 22mm and reinforced 6-8-10-12-16mm wire rod. The Group’s metal products division is this produce’s key consumer at the moment.

The mill was delivered to MMK by the Italian Danieli.

‘The launch of this mill was the last stage of our section mill facilities reconstruction, which resulted in MMK becoming Russia’s most powerful section mill goods producer with the annual output of up to 2 million tons of goods,’ MMK reports.

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