Russian Chrome 1915 applies for government support

23 July 2009 (10:28)

Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Viktor Koksharov visited the town of Pervouralsk to look at the state of affairs at Russian Chrome 1915.

It was detected that the plant was unable to break even because a lot of money was spent on keeping their slurry fields and cesspools (full of 6.8 million tons of environmentally hazardous compounds) in environmentally safe condition. The enterprise has to spend 70 million RUR a year on renting the land allotment, paying emission fees, and maintaining the cleaning facilities. So, the plant decided to ask the regional government for help.

One of the ways out could be decreasing the land rent and the prices for the steam supplied to Russian Chrome 1915 by Pervouralsk heat and power station. In addition, some subsidies could be allocated from the regional government. The government could also help the company get on the federal program on environmental damage liquidation.

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