Russian Chrome 1915 faces administrative suit

14 February 2011 (09:28)

Experts from Ural Federal District’s division of Rosprirodnadzor (the state environmental watchdog) took part in the inspection of Russian Chrome 1915 undertaken by Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities for the environment.

The inspections revealed that Russian Chrome 1915 polluted the River Chusovaya with toxic substances and has been dumping insufficiently purified waste water from its neutralizing station into the River Pakhotka. The enterprise thus crossly violated the existing water use regulations, exceeding the maximum permissible discharge limits; moreover, its water treatment facilities are outdated.

The prosecution authorities placed a claim with the court, requiring that Russian Chrome 1915 be made develop a water treatment facilities reconstruction project and take measures to ensure no discharge limits are exceeded in the future.

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