Rostechnadzor says Russian Chrome 1915 greatly exceeds waste water dumping limits

13 September 2007 (09:58)

‘Russian Chrome 1915 did have a permission to dump a certain amount of manufacturing water in the local pond, but this permission actually imposed some very strict limits upon the company. However, the enterprise exceeded these limits considerably, which is why its top executives are to undergo a criminal trial now. Besides, we intend to go on doing our scheduled inspections,’ the spokesperson for the regional division of Rostechnadzor (the state environmental watchdog) Artem Kagarodov said to UrBC.

Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities inspected the area near the village of Magnitka in the vicinity of Pervouralsk; as a result, some light was shed on the grave violations of environmental legislation by Russian Chrome 1915. The company had been dumping waste water with excessive amount of chemical compounds in the River Chusovaya, which led to contamination of water and fish with environmentally hazardous substances, the authorities reported last week.

The spokesperson for RosSpetsSplav (the unfortunate company’s proprietor) announced that Russian Chrome 1915 would, in fact, keep on dumping waste water into the pond: ‘The dumping of waste water in the River Chusovaya is being done on the basis of Rostechnadzor’s permission,’ their press release says.

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