Entering chain stores is nearly impossible, SladCo claims

17 July 2009 (07:25)

‘We are rather worried about the fact that our foods are missing from large chain stores’ shelves. To enter these chains, one has to make enormous efforts, which largely means paying huge sums of money. However hard Confectionery Group SladCo might be trying to prove its great quality, it’s just impossible to enter these stores free of charge,’ Director of Confectionery Nadezhda Kharyuta said at the semiannual meeting of Yekaterinburg food manufacturers.

‘Our shelves are full of cheap Ukrainian sweets, whereas Kazakhstan, for instance, raised the customs duties on these items by up to 23%. To support the Russian manufacturers, one needs to do the same. Then, the deluge of Moscow-produced foods is also a problem, as the shelves are full of those too. And, mind you, these are the shelves right next to the cash desks and counters. Something needs to be done about this,’ Kharyuta added.

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