Sverdlovsk Region Stores to Offer Low Food Prices

11 July 2011 (10:16)

Sverdlovsk Region’s retail chain stores agreed to comply with the request of Governor Alexander Misharin regarding the sale of certain food items at low prices to cater for the needs of the economically vulnerable citizens, heads of the chain stores and the food processing enterprises informed the regional Minister for Trade, Food, & Services in the course of a recent meeting, the Governor’s press office reports.

Very soon, large retail companies will be offering Gubernatorsky bread, sausages, and other food items at special prices. Both the food manufacturers and the retailers join the project of their own accord, which is why the list of such volunteers might expand with time. The officials present at the meeting also considered the issue of these food items’ quality and the ways of visualizing the project (that is, making it easier for the customer to identify the special price items on the shelves). The retailers promised to enforce the project smoothly and promptly.

The member stores of Sverdlovsk Region Consumers Union are expected to join the project in the near future.

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