Byelorussian delegation’s visit proves fruitful, Sumin says

The Byelorussian delegation managed to achieve a lot and to make plenty of interesting proposals during their visit to Chelyabinsk Region, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin said after meeting the Byelorussian officials.

The delegation consisted of the Ministries of Industry and Trade’s representatives and heads of Byelorussia’s leading enterprises. The group of officials was headed by Trade Minister Valentin Chekanov. During their stay, they visited the region’s enterprises in order to build up on the existing ties and to find the new ways of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Chelyabinsk Region has been collaborating with Byelorussia since the year 2000, when the first cooperation agreement was signed. The major fields of cooperation are metallurgical business and machine-building. The Republic of Byelorussia supplies the region with its trucks, agricultural vehicles, and road machinery produced with the metal stuffs acquired in Chelyabinsk Region. The two parties’ turnover amounted to $350m last year. This time, the Byelorussian delegates came up with a number of new proposals as well.

The spokesperson for the Governor says the officials suggested setting up a spare part production and assembly unit at ChTZ-Uraltrac for servicing Minsk tractors, Amkodor-made road machinery, and BelAZ trucks. The General Director of ChTZ-Uraltrac Valeriy Platonov found the proposal quite promising. Then, the delegates spoke about their new product – modern light, noiseless, and power-efficient lifts. Petr Sumin assured them that such lifts would enjoy demand with both the housing developers and the repairmen employed at apartment buildings overhauls under the federal program.

Finally, the region’s guests proposed putting up a joint venture (a dairy plant) in Troitsk district. The Governor said it was an important field of cooperation that could create new jobs in the region and introduce the locals to the new dairy production technologies. This would be particularly handy since the region’s milk output rose considerably in the last few years.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, Governor Sumin asked his deputies to look into the proposed projects in more detail and include the most promising ones in the trade and economic cooperation protocol that is to be signed by Chelyabinsk officials during their visit to Byelorussia this fall.

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