Governor Sumin meets Hungarian Consul General

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin met the Consul General of Hungary in Ekaterinburg Pal Fabian.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, the agenda of their meeting covered issued like Chelyabinsk Region and Hungary’s cooperation in the field of economics, agriculture, and culture. The two parties started working together in 2006 when Sumin visited Budapest as a member of a Russian delegation headed by (then President) Vladimir Putin. Then, a cooperation agreement was signed by Chelyabinsk Region and one of Hungary’s major regions in October 2008.

As far as agriculture is concerned, there is an operating joint venture in Chelyabinsk Region that produced a third of the region’s crops last year. The company is planning on raising more crops this year as well as on setting up a meat and dairy farm.

The two officials looked into the ways of cooperating in the field of education and culture. Hungary, in fact, is to preside over the EU in 2011, so they intend to build up on regional ties in the field of student exchange. Chelyabinsk Region-based colleges were invited to join in the program.

‘I am positive that cooperating in the field of education will keep on improving,’ Governor Sumin said when approving of the idea.

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