Sverdlovsk Region Railways’ freight turnover to go down 24%

‘The situation is still difficult, but we are gradually recovering after the hard times we had at the end of last year. In February 2009, for instance, Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial output only came to 69% of last February’s figures, but the figure reached 80% in March and 84% in April 2009. Some growth was also observed in May and June 2009, which means that the local enterprises kept building up on their production volumes after the initial shock,’ Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel announced while presenting the budget message at the Regional Duma and the Legislative Assembly’s House of Representatives meeting.

‘Our railways keep handling more and more goods as well. In May 2009, for example, their freight turnover rose by 4% compared with April 2009. It is true, however, that they are still far behind the ante-crisis levels. Sverdlovsk Region Railways might have a 24% downfall in the freight turnover at the end of the year compared to the year 2008. This proves once again the sad, sorry truth that we are entering a very difficult period,’ the Governor said.

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