URSA Bank and MDM-Bank unite ATMs

11 June 2009 (08:08)

URSA Bank and MDM-Bank’s ATM networks are now operating under the same range of tariff schemes and offers. The holders of Visas and MasterCards issued by either of the banks can now get some cash in all of their ATMs without any commission. The new offer was launched in June, with both banks’ processing centers united into a single technological system, URSA Bank’s press officer reports.

URSA Bank’s ATM network comes to 785 machines in the Urals and Siberia. The addition of MDM-Bank’s machines will expand the network to 2,000 units throughout the country, thus making the united network Russia’s fourth largest.
‘The decision to merge the two banks’ ATM networks on a commission-free basis is one of the striking examples of the bank merger synergetic effect. Both banks’ customers can now enjoy the advantages of a larger ATM network available in seven federal districts and most of the country’s big cities,’ says URSA Bank’s CEO Dmitriy Akimkin.

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