Board of Directors of URSA Bank decides to issue 10bn RUR worth of securities

31 January 2007 (13:22)

Following the Provision made by the Bank of Russia regarding informational transparency, URSA Bank has announced that it is going to issue 10,000,000 unconvertible certificated bearer bonds with face value of 1,000 RUR each. The public subscription will be handled by MICEX.

The Board of Directors made the decision to issue 10bn RUR worth of securities on January 26, 2007. The bonds will be retired at face value on the 2548th day of initial offering. The last coupon period payments are provided.

URSA Bank is the result of the recent merger of two large banks based in Siberia and the Urals. This is Russia’s fifth largest bank in terms of regional network development (the territory covered by this office network makes up 44% of the country’s area). URSA Bank has over 260 offices in 110 Russian cities.

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