Bank Severnaya Kazna’s shareholders reject Sergey Kuroptev

Bank Severnaya Kazna’s annual general meeting in Yekaterinburg resulted in the decision to pass the dividend for 2008. Last year’s 1,573,449,450.3 RUR worth of losses will be offset with the help of undistributed profits and share premium.

In the course of the AGM, the stockholders also elected the five BOD members, rejecting, however, the bank’s former Chairman of the Supervisory Board Sergey Kuroptev (who did not get a single vote).

Sergey Kuroptev happens to be one Bank Severnaya Kazna’s former top managers who placed a claim against the bank with Yekaterinburg’s Kirovskiy District court, demanding that the bank should pay off their 18 million RUR worth of salaries and severance deals. Kuroptev lost the case and sent his writ of appeal to the regional court. The latter is still looking into the case at the moment.

The annual general meeting closed up with approving the bank’s Charter and the annual report for 2008.

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