Bank Severnaya Kazna’s former employees sue bank

Yekaterinburg’s Kirovskiy court keeps looking into the claims laid by Bank Severnaya Kazna’s (now the asset of Alfa-Bank) former employees, who disagree with the company’s decision to refuse them their redundancy payments, their paid vacations, and the salaries that were due a long time ago. These former employees are the bank’s First Deputy BOD Chairman Leonid Bratsev, Deputy Chairman Sergey Kuroptev, and the Chairman’s Advisors Valeriy Malkov, and Evgeniy Parfenov.

According to Kommersant, the plaintiffs and the bank have signed some additional agreements earlier that provided for a pay rise from 450,000 RUR to 750,000 RUR a month, while their redundancy leaves were raised from six times the month’s pay to twenty-four times the month’s pay; this would come to 18 million RUR per person. These sums were to be paid in case the executives’ labor contracts are terminated, but the plaintiffs insist these agreements haven’t been followed through.

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