URSA Bank to focus on SMEs

3 June 2009 (11:06)

‘Nearly all of large enterprises are cooperating with the banks in terms of salary-through-a-bank-card schemes at the moment, but the market is still far from being saturated. There is still some development potential, but this involves small and medium enterprises rather than business giants (which might only be enticed into a new bank, at best),’ URSA Bank’s Vice President Alexei Sannikov said to an UrBC reporter.

‘Speaking of SMEs, these are companies with not too many employees, such as sole traders, little limited liability companies, and public sector establishments. A lot of them are still not using the salary schemes,’ Sannikov explained.

‘Also, most large chains with an extensive regional network and a centralized accounting process are beginning to see the advantages of the salary schemes. It really is much easier for them to pay their workers through a bank card,’ he added.

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