City’s budget gets less than spends

‘Yekaterinburg’s basic financial document needs to be edited now the first quarter of the year is over. About 3.5 billion RUR was paid into the budget in January through March 2009 (which comes to 15% of what was planned for the whole year), and over 5 billion RUR was spent (which comes to 19% of the annual spending figure). The difference was covered for by the last year’s leftovers,’ Head of Yekaterinburg Finance and Budget Administration Andrei Koryukov said at Yekaterinburg Municipal Duma’s Budget Committee meeting.

‘The authorities carried out forty-four inspections last year, producing thirty-nine expert and analytical reports. Thirty-six instances of financial offenses were revealed, including 16.251 million RUR worth of damage done by poor budget management. About 4.517 million RUR was restored to the budget and 3.514 million RUR worth of no-purpose spending was prevented from happening,’ reported the Duma’s Accounts Chamber Chair Olga Bazhina.

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