Yekaterinburg pays back 126 million RUR to World Bank

27 September 2007 (12:44)

The city council executives gave a report on the budget administration in the first half of 2007 to Yekaterinburg Municipal Duma Deputies in the course of the Duma’s 45th session. According to Andrey Koryukov (the council’s Finance and Budget Director), the budget revenues came to 7.952 billion RUR, or 46% of the planned amount, in January-June 2007. The better part of revenues (5,461 billion) came from taxes and non-tax revenues. In addition, 1.863 billion RUR were donated by Sverdlovsk Region in the form of subsidies and grants. The budget expenditures amounted to 7.34 billion RUR, or 38.7% of the planned amount. The city directed about 57% of this money to educational establishments, healthcare, culture, and sports and invested over 1 billion RUR, or 14.5% of all the budget expenditures, in communal housing and utilities.

The city currently owes a few entities a total of 816 million RUR, with 126 million RUR already paid back to the World Bank (the loan was given to Yekaterinburg so it could implement its Public Transport project).

Another point on the agenda was the Duma’s nullification of provision 15/1 taken on March 25, 2007 regarding organization of surveillance system over the privatization of municipal property. This provision no longer complies with the federal law.

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