MMK looks into collective agreement

31 March 2009 (08:39)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) looked in the success of the enterprise’s compliance with the collective agreement in 2008.

One thing MMK invests in is improving on the city’s cultural infrastructure by maintaining two culture centers hosting over 1,500 various clubs’ members. 850 events were organized for the enterprise’s employees last year alone, with 25.78 million RUR worth of investments.

What is more, MMK provides for a set of health-improvement and PE measures through organizing sports events and summer and winter championships. All in all, more than 12,500 people took part in these events last year. Then, 505 groups of employees and their families (9,983 people altogether) traveled to the nearby ski resorts. The enterprise invested 78.97 million RUR in sports in 2008 altogether.

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