UC RUSAL’s SUBR halts R&D investment, Rostechnadzor claims

The Deputy Head of Rostechnadzor’s Ural Federal District division Alexander Kravchenko made a report on the all-round inspections of the local mining enterprises. This came to forty-two checks throughout 2008 altogether.

All in all, the most noticeable trend was that the mining equipment tended to wear out faster than the companies were able to have it replaced or upgraded. Then, a lot of accidents and emergencies appeared to be caused by the workers’ lack of qualification and discipline.

‘Unfortunately, the economic crisis that broke out in October and November has led to a production downfall in the entire mining industry; some of the plants had to be stopped for the time being, so companies are forced to cut back on the R&D investment, which means accident prevention and security measures. To make matters worse, most companies owe impressive sums of money to mine rescue departments,’ Rostechnadzor (the state environmental, technological, and nuclear safety watchdog) reports.

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