Death of employee at mine of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company leads to inspection of mining companies by regional monitoring bodies

The interregional department of Rostechnadzor (the technical safety monitoring authority) in the Ural Federal District is to inspect the compliance of the regional mining companies with the safety requirements in the course of trolley-handling in the grooves before December 10, 2006.

These inspections have to do with the death of an employee of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company that occurred in Severnaya mine of Berezovsk Ore Management Ltd. belonging to the company. The investigation of this accident has already been completed.

According to the spokesperson for Rostechnadzor, the committee that was looking into the matter drew the attention of Berezovsk Ore Management Ltd. executives to the alarming increase in accidents with lethal outcome in 2006 alongside with low production and technological discipline of both the managers and the workers, and insufficient safety control in the course of dangerous operations.

Based on the results of the committee’s report, Rostechnadzor placed all the documents with the public prosecution authorities of Berezovsk, and they will now have to decide whether they should commence a criminal suit.

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