Rostechnadzor to check UC RUSALís enterprises

This June, Rostechnadzorís Ural Federal Districtís division is going to carry out security inspections at UC RUSALís Bogoslovskiy smelter, UAZ smelter, Kremniy-Ural, Severouralsk Bauxite Mine, Polevskoy Cryolith Plant, SUBR-Stroy, and RUS Engineering. The safety watchdog is also planning on checking the industrial safety at a number of mining enterprises such as Zoloto Severnogo Urala, Uralasbest, Novo-Kalyinskaya Mine, and SUBR, Rostechnadzorís press officer reports.

The inspections schedule has been approved of by the head of Rostechnadzorís Ural Federal Districtís division Anatoly Sidyakin. The enterprisesí top executives have been notified of the upcoming checks.

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