MOTIV’s foreign traffic doubles in 2008

6 October 2008 (07:43)

MOTIV Communications Group looked into the outcomes of its special summer offer known as Roaming Non Stop. The company reports their customers’ use of the mobile services abroad doubled in 2008 compared to a year earlier. At the same time, the use of the National Roaming service went up by 75% as well. Turkey was definitely the summer’s roaming leader, followed by Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

MOTIV was able to significantly expand its roaming geographically in May through September, adding more than twenty new countries to its roaming list. Over thirty agreements were signed with various mobile operators, so the company can boast as many as 130 partnership agreements by now, with roaming available in 121 countries. In ninety-six of those, you don’t even have to change your SIM card to use the service, while in the remaining twenty-five countries you’ll need a new SIM card MOTIV will provide for you.

What is more, MOTIV is also planning to sign agreements with a few more operators in Germany, Denmark, Jordan, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Central African Republic.

‘Even a cursory glance at Roaming Non Stop campaign’s results makes it obvious that roaming services are extremely popular with our customers. The doubling of foreign traffic is a clear indicator of this summer offer’s efficiency. MOTIV has been able to successfully solve at least two problems: affordable communication and greater roaming zone. Roaming Non-Stop provided for inexpensive incoming calls in any part of the globe, while our roaming area will keep expanding on and on until we’ve got the whole planet covered,’ says MOTIV’s Commercial Director Konstantin Novoselov.

The Roaming Non Stop’s special international roaming price is no longer valid by now, but one can still enjoy the price of 4.15 RUR for all incoming calls (except for Beeline subscribers’ ones) within the national roaming zone.

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