Number of MegaFon’s subscribers who use roaming services rises 45%

23 June 2014 (13:05)

June 23, 2014. The number of MegaFon Ural’s subscribers who use roaming to communicate while traveling abroad has risen by 45% since the vacation season took off. The mobile carrier’s experts say July is likely to become the peak month in terms of roaming calls, so the company expects a booming interest in all the options that could help a subscriber save money while on vacation, the company’s press service reports.

According to J’son & Partners’ analysts, 80% of Russians who traveled abroad last year actually used roaming services.

‘The summer of 2014 has seen a new trend: locals are increasingly more often taking a tablet computer with them in addition to a smartphone. It has been roughly estimated that the total weight of all the gadgets our subscribers will take with them abroad will come to more than 20,000 kg in each of the summer months. Thanks to an increase in the number of mobile devices available and the dropping prices, the demand for roaming services has skyrocketed. The volume of Internet traffic used up by our subscribers abroad rose by 80% in the last month alone, while the number of incoming calls went up by75%,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Mass Market Business Development Director Sergey Alferov.

Roaming savings could actually be quite impressive: with the Whole World option, for instance, thirty minutes worth of calls will be up to 90 times cheaper. If you spend two weeks abroad and subscribe to this special option, the roaming savings could be enough to buy a new mobile device.

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