Local plants accused of water pollution

30 September 2008 (07:48)

Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities carried out inspections of the River Iset, the River Chusovaya, the River Berezovka, the River Pyshma, and the River Ufa and detected that some nearby enterprises were lacking water-dumping permits, while their waste disposal plants were note powerful enough or simply malfunctioning, which often resulted in accidental discharge of waste.

Bobrovskiy insulation plant located near the River Iset, Pervouralsk silica plant located near the River Chusovaya, Vodokanal (which uses the River Berezovka and the River Pyshma), Farta located near the River Pyshma, and Energoservice located near the River Ufa were among the offenders, the spokesperson for the region’s public prosecution authorities reports.

All the enterprises as well as Energoservice’s director are now involved in administrative lawsuits.

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